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About me

My name is Debi Kasen and I live in beautiful, yet impossibly hot, Scottsdale, Arizona. I have a beautiful family with both a son and daughter. In my previous career before mom, I was a product profitability analyst with Prudential Bank and BellSouth. In my career as mom, I have had to learn to navigate the trials of being mom to a son with severe food and latex allergies.


Travel is my passion! I have had the most amazing experiences while traveling all over the world. I had had tea in the Royal Palace in Madrid, eaten pierogis in a Soviet era cafe in St. Petersberg, Russia, and love shopping in Paris. I like to get out into the world and let life happen!


I am a strong believer that travel is a wonderful education for children. Seeing the world gives children the curiousity and confidence to grow and learn. While most children only read about Rome or Greece, my children toured the Roman Coliseum and climbed the Parthenon in Greece. I have taken them to Europe three times and the Caribbean numerous times. They even got to see St. Petersburg Russia! They are both wonderful people both socially and academically.


My son has several allergies. Fish, seafood, sesame, and latex (think of all the places that use latex gloves). He had a milk and lactose allergy that he has outgrown. When he was younger, he would come home from school upset that he wasn't invited to a birthday party or other event. Kids would actually say "you can't come because you have allergies." It broke my heart. So I decided that we would give him an even better life than normal and would give him the world by traveling.


I can not give medical advice. You and your doctor are the best sources for knowing what is right for your child. But I can share with you our experiences, and would welcome helping you plan a better than normal trip for your family.


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