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Family Travel


I'm a huge fan of family travel. I have two children and have taken them to over 20 countries. I've always divided my own family's travel between beach and culture.


For a family beach vacation, there is nothing like the Caribbean. I'm a beach snob and think there is nothing like the pretty blue waters of the Caribbean. I like being able to see my toes at the bottom of the ocean. My favorite thing to do is sit under a tiki hut and look out to the horizon or go sailing. Total relaxation. My children love playing in the ocean, building sandcastles, and waterparks. Oh, and they really like dessert!


For a cultural trip, nothing beats a cruise to Europe. You pack and unpack once and there is so much to see and do. You children could learn all about Roman history and play gladiators at the Coloseum. You could tour the Vatican and maybe even see the Pope. What about a gondola ride down the Grande Canal in Venice? Your family could go island hopping in Greece and climb the parthenon. Travel really is the best education for children. And it's fun!

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